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PKS & Company’s Roxane Gabrielson is treasurer for the Delmarva Zoological Society that is hosting its largest annual fundraiser this Saturday, June 25th called Zoobilation. Attendees of this event experience a fun filled night at the Salisbury Zoo raising money for a great cause, while enjoying food from area restaurants, local wineries, craft beer and live entertainment!

PKS is proud to be a part of the $3 million capital campaign called Renew the Zoo which raised money for three important projects at the Zoo: an animal health clinic, a new William E. Morgan Environmental Center, and the discover Australia exhibit.

According to Roxane, the animal health care clinic is completed and enabled the Salisbury Zoo to obtain their AZA recertification. This certification allows the zoo to bring in different species such as the jaguar, flamingos, the popular Andean bear exhibit, etc. Half the Discover Australia exhibit was completed very early in the campaign as a thank you to the area children who have participated in their other major fundraiser, Just Zoo It! that has raised over $150,000 over the last 5 years. The second half of the Australia exhibit should be completed in the near future and will include a new Australian bird aviary, an expansion of the wallaby exhibit, a kookaburra aviary and may even include emu. The third and final project to be completed is the visitor center that will be remodeled and renamed later this year.

Tickets for Zoobilation are on sale now and can be purchased online here for $60, or $75 at the door.

To learn more about the Salisbury Zoo and Zoobilation watch this video featuring Roxane Gabrielson and Cathy Bassett from the Delmarva Zoological Society.

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