Annual Service Award Recipients


Congratulations to all employees who have reached service milestones in 2016!

At PKS, our employees are our most valuable resource.

We appreciate and thank everyone for their continued hard work and dedication!

3 Years:  Jerry Rawlins & Kevin W. Dorman, CPA

5 Years:  Ronald E. Derr, CPA

10 Years:  James D. Maybury, CPA, Aileen N. Black & Melissa M. Riggin

15 Years:  Carla J. Chesser & Michael A. Bratton, QKA

20 Years:  Kathie Bushman


PKS & Company, P. A. is a full service accounting firm with offices in Salisbury, Ocean City and Lewes that provides traditional accounting services as well as specialized services in the areas of retirement plan audits and administration, medical practice consulting, estate and trust services, fraud and forensic services and payroll services and offers financial planning and investments through PKS Investment Advisors, LLC.

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