Our firm has developed the insight and understanding to respond to the unique needs and concerns of the industry.

Governments are charged with serving their constituencies and preserving public trust. Since 1978 PKS & Company has been assisting local governments and municipalities do just that. By providing the knowledge, insight and awareness of pertinent legislation and regulatory implications, we assist governments in elevating performance in an era of declining budgets.

We offer a hands-on, responsive, risk-based service led by dedicated industry professionals. We are proactively involved with our clients and provide them with industry-specific information on a timely basis. More than half of our members and professional staff receive annual training related to governmental accounting and auditing and exceed the education requirements of “Government Audit Standards” (the “Yellow Book”). Our government industry structure enables us to identify best practices, review industry trends and work together to reach creative solutions for our clients.

We provide:

In addition to performance of audits (including those under the Single Audit Act, Government Audit Standards, and generally accepted auditing standards), we perform a number of consulting services including:

Some examples of our governmental clients include:
Component Units of Local Governments, County Governments, Fire, Water & Sewer Districts, Municipalities, School Boards, Community Colleges

Government - Team

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