Providing a broad range of expertise to meet all your personal and business goals.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

No matter if you are an established business, or just starting, PKS can enhance your management team by providing timely information as well as insight as to the interpretation of your financial information. Accurate recordkeeping is essential to a successful business, yet can also be complicated and time consuming.



Audits are often a necessary part of doing business. For decades we’ve helped privately held businesses, home owner associations, nonprofit, and government organizations complete the audit process. By focusing on your needs and making the process as efficient as possible we help organizations realize benefits beyond an audit’s typically defined purpose. Based on our understanding of your goals, finances, operations, industry and market, we can provide the strategic and operational advice that can help position you to achieve financial success.

Business Valuations

Whether you’re planning for a merger or acquisition, adjusting insurance coverage, or preparing to exit your closely held business, the valuation specialists at PKS can help you determine your organization’s true value under the unique circumstances you’re facing. Our certified valuation analysts will take an in-depth look at your company, the industry and market factors affecting organizations like yours. We’ll look at tangible and intangible assets and provide you with the numbers you need to make critical plans for the future.
Business Valuations

Estates and Trusts

It doesn’t take long to deplete assets when confronted with the need for long-term care, medical expenses or other unforeseen demands. Additionally, estate taxes can greatly diminish the size of your estate upon your death, decreasing the amount of wealth passing to your family. The greater your assets, the more challenging it becomes to safeguard your wealth. Our team of highly experienced professionals, including in-house counsel that is both a CPA and lawyer, are here to help safeguard your assets. Our experts use sophisticated tax planning strategies and tools to create a customized estate plan you can easily modify over time as your situation and needs evolve.

Fraud & Forensic Services

Fraud occurs in many organizations, including closely held businesses, nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, churches and many other organizations. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of fraud is detected or reported. Lack of adequate internal controls is the most commonly cited factor that allows fraud to occur.


Litigation Support

Court officials rely on experts to assist with assembling background data in order to move forward to fair judgments.

Providing Litigation Support consulting services offers our clients and the legal community a clear and independent view of financial and tax records related to a pending or potential legal or regulatory proceeding. Our professionals are qualified expert witnesses in various courts across the Delmarva Peninsula.


When it comes to paying employees, state and federal regulations have made the payroll function extremely time consuming for the small business owner. We offer payroll services so you can spend your time doing what you do best – running your company.


Retirement Solutions

In today’s volatile financial world retirement plans are essential to attracting and retaining quality employees, as well as an essential part of a business owner’s wealth building strategy. Choosing the right plan for your business can be a daunting task. Our experienced retirement plan consultants will work with you to customize a plan that best suits the needs of your company.


Our team of tax professionals includes individuals with proven expertise in corporate, individual, partnership, non-profit, estate and trust taxation as well as multi-state, international income and sales tax matters.

Tax implications on a business or personal level can make a major difference in your financial well-being. We provide effective planning, communicate with you often, and step in to guide you through any IRS scrutiny