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We tailor solutions to meet your unique needs.

There are over 12,000 restaurants in the Maryland and Delaware area with more opening every day. An estimated 25% of those will close within three years due to financial hardship. Let us help you become one of the survivors.

In today’s competitive and highly regulated economy it has become even harder to make your business successful. However, with a few changes, such as improved controls and reliable financial information you could see increased profits, as well as improved cash flow. Remember, the little things add up.

By partnering with PKS you not only benefit from access to industry-leading accounting and consulting expertise, you also benefit from our ability to tailor the solutions to meet your unique needs. Our team of industry specialists work closely with our clients to provide creative yet practical solutions that make a difference to their businesses.

We work with a variety of restaurants, from fast food to full service dining and banquet facilities, and look forward to working with you.

Our food service industry expertise includes:


Food Service & Restaurants - Team

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