Protection from fraud can be a complex and difficult task.

Fraud occurs in many organizations, including closely held businesses, nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, churches and many other organizations. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of fraud is detected or reported. Lack of adequate internal controls is the most commonly cited factor that allows fraud to occur.

You should not rely on an annual financial statement audit to uncover fraud as the audit is not designed to detect fraud or to evaluate your fraud prevention policies.

We offer both fraud prevention and detection services directed by Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE). The CFE designation is given only to those individuals who meet a stringent set of criteria, including strict character, experience and education requirements.

How can you prevent fraud?

PKS & Company can help with an Internal Controls Assessment and our Fraud and Abuse Hotline.

During an Internal Controls Assessment, our role is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current system of internal controls and to deliver a written report containing our findings and specific recommendations to strengthen your internal controls in fraud sensitive areas.

Our Fraud and Abuse Hotline employs a confidential phone and online reporting outlet that allows employees, customers, vendors or others to provide anonymous TIPS- your most common detection method.

Early detection is the key to minimizing the effect of fraud. The PKS Fraud and Abuse Hotline is the best strategy for early detection.

We can help with:

Fraud and Abuse Hotline


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