BE CONNECTED, Women’s Networking & Business Series


BECONNECTED - 01Sponsored by PKS & Company, P.A., BE CONNECTED brought together a group of more than 90 professional women in Salisbury on January 7th for a candid discussion about fraud.

BE PREPARED, Real Life Tales of Fraud, Schemes and Scams was presented by Sabrina K. Bleech—M&T Bank, Leslie A. Michalik, CPA, CFE and Roxane L. Gabrielson, CPA, CVA—PKS & Company, P.A.  Combined these women have more than 75 years of professional banking, accounting and business experience that has given them a front row seat to the creative methods criminals use to commit acts of fraud.

Each presenter told real life stories of corruption and deceit that they have witnessed and gave their recommendations to the audience on what actions one could take to reduce or eliminate the risk of fraud from occurring in business or everyday life.

The next event in the BE CONNECTED series is BE INSPIRED, scheduled for Thursday, March 3, 2016.

About the BE CONNECTED, Women’s Networking & Business Series

Sponsored by PKS & Company, P.A., BE CONNECTED is a unique networking and information sharing opportunity for women business leaders as well as the next generation of women rising to leadership positions in the community.  This by-invitation event is held bimonthly on the first Thursdays of the month.  For more information contact Laura Wilson at or call PKS & Company, P.A. at 410-546-5600.

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