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how to add new team profile

Step 1: Duplicate "Andy M. Haynie" Profile Template

After it was duplicated, click “Edit with Elementor”

Step 2: Edit Profile Details

You can start editing the information by clicking each element and type the information at the left side dashboard (please see photo below for reference).

Take note: under Link tab (right dashboard) don’t remove the tags that say “mailto:” on email and “tel:” on the phone to make the links work properly. Just simply replace the exact email and phone number please.

Step 3: Preparing The PDF Bio Profile (It's quite tricky)

Hover the second column icon, right-click, and select “Edit Column” (Please see the photo for reference).

Go to Advanced tab > Custom CSS and this CSS code:

.elementor-location-footer {
display: none;

Don’t forget to hit “Publish” or “Update”


Step 4: Update The Main Profile Page (Name)

Since we duplicated a profile template, we need to change the profile page name itself.

Go back to main dashboard ( > Teams > Find the duplicated one > click Quick Edit (please see the photo below)

Then you can start fill in the Name and Slug and don’t forget to select under what Categories


Step 5: Convert Web Page to PDF

1. Go to SodaPDF to generate the PDF.

2. Enter the URL – to get the webpage URL, go to main dashboard ( > Teams >  Name > right click the View and copy the link address

3. Download the PDF

Step 6: Upload the PDF to Media Files

1. Go to main dashboard ( > Media > Add New Media File

2.  Upload the PDF and copy the URL

Step 7: Add/Update The PDF Link

1. Go to main dashboard ( > Teams >  Profile Name > click Edit with Elementor

2. Click the “Download Bio” button element and paste the copied PDF link at the right dashboard (see the photo below).


Step 8: FINAL STEP - Removed the CSS Code
Now please go back to Step 3 and remove the CSS code we’ve added earlier. That code is only for web page to PDF conversion – click here to bring you up